I’m sure you will recognize this beautiful melody from the reality show “The contender”. I love the two versions!


Well, yes, I do like boxing; however, my post is not related to physical fighting but to my little everyday struggling to be someone better, to accept myself just the way I am, to keep on going no matter what…..NO MATTER WHAT.
I’ve fallen so many times into the darkness that I have a tendency to ignore my ability to crawl back to the brightness. However, the truth is that I do survive after all. Once and again I come back to claim for my most treasured belongings, my life, my dreams, my hopes, my integrity, my smiles.
Once and again I fill myself with a renewed energy that comes from many people around me who never hesitate on giving me a hand, a word, a hug……a view to a new beginning.
Why does this melody brings so many thoughts to me? I see myself winning; getting through bad times, holding tightly the best trophy someone may deserve….another chance to be happy.
The music? Just the background sound of my life 🙂
Enjoy with me



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32 responses to “ThE CoNtEnDeR

  1. Mariana

    Here I too see the girl behind the smile. Some suffering shows the humanity in us. It shows the fear, but reveals the courage in us too. What would one be without the other?

  2. Analía

    Good to see you here Mariana. You are right, What would one be without the other? I prefer more smiles, though he he. Take care xoxoxox

  3. MiNe

    Analía, las dos versiones son hermosas, aunque a mi me gusta un poco mas la primera..

  4. Analía

    Besitos Mine 🙂 a mi tambien me gusta mas. Cuidate mucho

  5. Carlos

    Hola Analia,

    I like to see you like that. You seem full of energy.
    I noticed you changed your profile picture and that it now says… “40”. I’m 40 since last June and I’m also feeling just like you said: “a grown up child”.

    Un beso

  6. Analía

    Hi Carlos!! LOL I had to go after you in order to have you here!! And I love that you have come. Xoxox Yesss we are 40 and looking goooood!

  7. Anonymous

    Que lindo tu blog! pero cuanta tristeza q leo… sonrie!

  8. Z E N

    Me gusto tu blog.

  9. Analía

    Gracias Zen, el tuyo es muy interesante 🙂 Me gustó visitarte.

  10. Keshi

    i love love love the music! So many emotions flood me with tears as I listen to it…why? I dunno…it’s got this magical sounds.

    **I’ve fallen so many times into the darkness that I have a tendency to ignore my ability to crawl back to the brightness

    it happens…but as long as u realise that u CAN come out of it, then thats all that matters.

    HUGGGGGGGGGGZ n ty for the great music!

  11. Analía

    Thanks Keshi!! Hugss for you too 🙂

  12. Odele Souza

    Analía disse…
    Vine a visitarte y me voy con alegria y tristeza al mismo tiempo. Alegria por visitar a un amigo y tristeza de ver tantas caritas perdidas. Lo de Flavia es tan doloroso. Que podriamos hacer? Cual sería el mejor camino para no sentirnos tan inútiles y ver las cosas de lejos? Ojalá encotrara la respuesta.
    Cuidate mucho corazon. Volveré prontito
    2:32 PM

    Dejaste este comentario en el blog SO VERDADES DE David Santos preguntando lo que podes hacer para ayudar en el caso de mi giha Flavia que hace diez años está en coma.
    Estoy invitando personas par juntarse a mi en una BLOGAGEM COLECTIVA para el día 17 Dec.
    Te sere muy agradecida se podes participar. Tienes solo que hacer un post e hablar del peligro de los ralos de piscinas.Podes sacar el selo en blog de Flavia. Esta es la dirección.

    Muchas gracias y te dejo un abrazo.

  13. Fabrizio

    Ehy Ani!
    I’m glad you’re back
    Great background for the blog

    Very happy to read news from you! 😉



  14. QUASAR9

    Hi Analia, great track!

  15. Analía

    Odele, cuenta conmigo el 17. Invitaré a mis amsitades tambien. Cuidate mucho y adelante!

    quasar9, wise words! Gracias por tu visita 🙂

    Ahhh Fab, what a great thing to read you here! You’re so sweet 🙂

  16. Linda Muliana

    hi are you?? it’s been a long time i didnt write..and i started to write again around a month ago.. 🙂 How are you? i hope you are fine and well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you..wish you all the best and thanks for visiting my blog.. i’m in netherlands at the moment..try to be with my boyfriend 🙂 he is romanian who lives and works in holland.. so now here i am trying to do all i can to be able to live here with him 🙂

    see you again ani..and have a nice day 🙂

  17. Analía

    Linda, ENJOY!! ha ha, it was great to have news from you 🙂

  18. Stephen Bess

    it’s been so long. It’s good to see you. I like the music, your picture and the nice cool blue color of your page. 🙂 *Big Hug*

  19. Analía

    Hi Stephen!! Big hugs to you too!! Yess, blue like my eyes!!! (yeah girl, keep dreaming) Thanks for coming!!

  20. Nikon

    Hello Dear 🙂
    A really great new design – I love blue & you have a blue blog! So, you have blue eyes? Must be like my ex-gf from Bolivia 🙂
    Her brother-in-law is from Mendosa (sp?) in Argentina – so sort of neighbors.
    Happy B-Day, I didn’t know, sorry I missed it.
    You got Carlos AND Stewart to come away from their work – now I know that you are a special person!

  21. Analía

    Awwwww nikon, sweety, thank you!!(and I also brought you back LOL, wow I’m so good!!) hugs and kisses

  22. Mousie/Paisible

    darling, you made such a beautiful new background…that’s great…and thanks for your visit and nice words…many kisses from the inside of the computer !!!

  23. Analía

    Thank YOU mousie for being my friend 🙂

  24. Isadora

    Dear Analia:

    A strong and brave girl you are. Everyone, at one time or another, has rough spots in their lives. Those not familiar with it find it more difficult to deal with. Others are quite familiar with the black hole that consumes days of their lives.

    There is no ‘one recipes’ to heal as we are all different, but knowing how to get out of the black hole and indeed having the strength and desire to do so is what makes us winners in claiming our lives back.

    Good luck to you and a hug for the holidays.

  25. Analía

    Welcome Isadora to my house. Thank you for your comment. Happy Holidays to you too 🙂

  26. Icarus

    I’ve got another tiny window of opportunity to creep out from my work on this Super-Sunday.
    I’ve seen this title of yours 3 times and each time, I immediatelythought not of the Contender, but one of my Jackson Browne favourites, “The PREtender”.

    “Are you there? Say a prayer for the pretender, who started out so young and strong, only to surrender.”

    No surrender, never. They will never EVER take me alive!!!!!!!!!


  27. Analía

    I’ll say a prayer for the pretender who pretends to pretend 🙂 but he’s one of the most honest men I’ve ever met. They will never EVER take me alive either!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxox

  28. Icarus

    Love it!
    Feel much better for that. Have a MMMMWAH (a big kiss!)Computer clouds, big black ones, are almost overhead. I hope I am not going to lose anything, at least.
    And I have to tell you one of our famous serendipities is here in this box RIGHT NOW! Just seen it. The word verification is asking me to write the letters bejocx. This is amazingly close to the Portuguese word “beijocas”. you know what that means, don’t you?
    Big Kisses! Ain’t that something?

  29. Analía


  30. Audrey

    Im enjoying Analia and feeling your energy 🙂 Love the new background, this post is straight from the heart..beautiful xxx and big hugs too Auds

  31. nietzschean-ghost

    Nice intropective post here Analía. I hope one day to have the courage to do the same.

  32. Analía

    You will nietzschean 🙂
    Wow! that nick is difficult to write ha ha

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