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  1. Icarus

    Curious coincidence: I just came over from Audrey’s. She is clearly having computer problems these past 10 days and asks “I wonder what happened to good old fashioned communication?”. It made me think. Where are we without our pcs? We have mostly become so dependent on it for our lifeline, our connection to the outside. And yet, sometimes, i feel so cut off, so distanced from everything & everyine, because I know I am not as “alive” in the real world as I used to be. Then it gets confusing.
    So, the cartoon is both amusing and very ironic, isn’t it? Like, I miss Auds, I start to think of sending her something, then have to realise that if she has no working computer, it is impossible. So what next? These past 4 months, i have developed a real aversion to my mobile phone. I have kept it turned off almost all the time. I only want to speak on it for emergencies, or work. But I am trying to use the old ways. E-mails, almost the same. Ans Skype is now permanenttly set at “Not Available”. Only when I want to call out. And I have to tell you that worst of all for me is “chatting”. I just hate it totally. You see, the reason for all this is my current “life” style”, or lack of it. I only really want to speak face-to-face. Maybe I’m throwing the bay out with the bathwater. But there seems at least more ewuilibrium this way, which I need, even if it is negative balancing negative.
    Sorry for all this. It was the timing. But I hope you are doing fine. Have a bunch of kisses!!!

  2. Analía

    Oh Oh, same adversion here my friend. Well I was about to ask for your mobil number LOL Not a chance right? Well, It seems I won’t get in touch with you unless our moods cahnge. What a shame! because I still love you a lot and I miss you. xoxoxox

  3. Icarus

    No, wrong, Caramela! You can have it, of course. It’s just that a lot of people are finding hard to find me “at home”, i.e. either that it is on, or that I hear/feel it ringing (Silent mode).
    BTW, last night, my next stop was Ruth’s garden. Can you believe it, the pattern continued with her? Computer obstacles. Go see.
    Today, I’m supposed to be having a birthdya, so I had better get on with it, eh?
    Best love,

  4. ElPoeta

    That’s very nice, Ani. Beautiful. Besitos,

  5. david santos

    That`s very good, Analía!
    You are master, thank you.
    Work fantastic!
    Until always.

  6. Nikon

    I love the cartoon 🙂

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