Life begins at 40 and at 5


Well, I finally got there. I’m 40!! I was really scared of crossing the line, but what the heck! I woke up today being the same personI was yesterday..looking good (pardon my arrogance), feeling good and acting as a grown up child.
I had the best present ever!! My kids were by my side, I got many phone calls and cards and the best of all, my mom was here….what else can I ask for?

Thanks God for being always there. I love this picture!!

Manu had his birthday, too!!! It was on November 12th but we celebrated it last Saturday.

And that’s all folks!
I wish you the best xoxoxox



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16 responses to “Life begins at 40 and at 5

  1. ElPoeta

    Happy Birthday, Ani!!
    La edad es sólo un número, querida amiga, por muy redondo que sea. Un gran abrazo y besos de corazón,

  2. Audrey

    The perfect post Ani, many,many happy returns…..young at heart and beautiful…the picture of your parents is truly lovely and Manuel so sweet and huggable xxxx Auds

  3. Analía

    Muchas gracias el poeta!!! Besos y abrazos para ti tambien. 🙂

  4. Analía

    Auds, thank you my friend. You are always in my heart sis. Hugs and kisses

  5. RUTH

    Oh Analia…I’m so sorry I missed your Birthday!!! :o( I don’t blogaround every day now that I’m at college. My BEST BEST WISHES to you.
    Love & Hugs

  6. RUTH

    And of course belated greetings to Manu too!

  7. Icarus

    Hi, and can only hope you truly enjoyed your day yesterday!!! Found out thanks to Audrey.
    I echo what Ruth wrote, except that I am not in college, I am in the Land of a 1000 Muppets (MNAH MNAH!!).
    This is now full birthday season (remembering, I MUST phone Anabela NOW!), from early November. Reading your great text, I was thinking that the only thing misssing is that you don’t embed the song of Elton John “I’m Still Standing”. Your folks’ photo was the best of it.
    Cherish what you have. Let go of what has gone. Not so easy, but worth it.
    Bless you and have a fine, upwards-heading year!



  8. Analía

    Ruth:Thanks!!! Don’t worry if you missed my birthday. I know you’re doing what you like and thats wonderful. I’m happy for you 🙂

    Icarus my brother! I’ve missed you so much! Thank God you’re still around and in the magic land of manah manah. I’m getting there soon, you will see. Love and hugs!!

    Mar, que linda sorpresa leerte por aqui!!

  9. Mousie/Paisible

    my two darlings, I missed your birthdays…so sorry…I wish you plenty plenty happiness, sunshine, light, peace, smiles, laughs, and and love love love…so happy to see you back…ah…must prepare something special…wait…will do it tonight…I’ll tell you when to open the door…
    millions kisses to you all

  10. Icarus

    Ha-ha, this is a land of 1000 muppets, but magic it is NOT. I will spare you examples of why not.

    What a cutie Manu con 5 años is!
    You will have to come and visit “The Flames” and try a sing-along, right?
    Now, down one post below……

  11. Analía

    Mousie my dear!! Don’t worry if you forgot my birthday!! It’s great because that means I’m still
    39 LOL!!
    Thank you very much for your good wishes and remember that I might not be here as often as I used to be, but you are all in my heart 🙂

  12. ugyen

    Happy Birthday Analia – A Late Birthday wish to you. May you lead a Wonderful Life ahead!!

  13. Analía

    ugyen my dear, thank you!! It’s soooooooo nice to see my friend from far far away here! xoxox

  14. MiNe

    Happy Birthday Analía.. Un poco atrasada, pero aqui, dandome vueltas por tu casa, y con el gusto de saber que estas bien, cumpleañera y feliz que es lo importante..
    besos para ti… y que tengas mil bendiciones mas..

  15. Stephen Bess

    Happy Birthday! I know that the date has past, but the celebration continues. 🙂

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