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Pedro 4:8 …… It must mean something ……

  • If I look to the bottom of your tender eyes
    my world and all its misery vanishes.
    My world vanishes, and I discover heaven
    when I dive in your tender eyes

    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes don’t desert me in plain air.
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes, all my life for that dream.
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes

    If I forgot what is true,
    if I went away from what it is sincere
    your heavenly eyes would remind me it,
    if I went away from what it’s true

    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes
    don’t desert me in plain air.
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes,
    all my life for that dream.
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes

    If the sun that illuminates me
    darkened one day, and a shadowy night got my life
    your heavenly eyes would bright me up
    your sincere eyes my path and my guide.

    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes
    don’t desert me in plain air.
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes,
    all my life for that dream.
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes
    Heavenly eyes, heavenly eyes.



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    ThE BrOwN GuY

    I went to do some errands with Manuel some days ago, and since it was a sunny day I thought it would be a good idea to stop for and ice-cream. While Manu was enjoying his melting ice cream I started checking my grocery list… bread, milk, noodles and …..

    – MOOOOOOOOM Why is that man brown?
    – Well, because…..

    I was trying to find the best answer when I heard:

    – Hi brown sir! Manuel greeted.

    OMG! Please earth, swallow me now, I thought. Why was he doing that? I was so embarrassed I couldn’t take my eyes from the list I had.

    – Good afternoon little guy! The man answered laughing.

    I really felt I had to apologize, so I looked at him and I said “I’m sorry, I don’t know why …….”

    – “Don’t worry”, he interrupted me with a broad smile. “Maybe you haven’t noticed it, but I AM black”
    – “You’re right” I said, and we both started laughing.

    Here in Uruguay, where most of the inhabitants are from European decent, the Afro-Uruguayan community is very small, only 4% of our population, if I’m not wrong. For that reason, you can walk long blocks without seeing a black person around. At school, Manuel doesn’t have any Afro-Uruguayan classmate and when Sebastián went to school, he only had one Afro-Uruguayan partner in six years. So no wonder why Manu was so curious when he saw the man.

    – “You are not back”. Manuel said. “You are dark brown”

    Oh Noooo, here he goes again, I thought to my self. This time I didn’t say anything because….

    – “That’s true”. The man answered laughing loudly. And, what color are you?
    – I’m light brown.
    – So, we are not very different. What do you think?
    – Yes, we are……

    I was just about to jump into the conversation when Manuel said…

    – We are different because I’m a child and you are not. Why are you brown?
    – Because my family came from Africa loooooong long time ago.
    – When my mother buys a motorbike we will go to Africa.
    – Oh, Good idea! It’s a beautiful country.
    – Yeap. Good bye, I’m going to play now.
    – Good bye

    On our way home, I remained in silence thinking about the lack of integration we have with the Afro-Uruguayan community. It shouldn’t be this way. Black people have influenced our music, our culture, our whole country in so many good aspects…..

    – Mom, when we go to Africa we can invite our friend from the park.
    – Sure baby
    – Yeap. Then we have to buy a car, because the motorbike is too small.


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    One Night Standing coming soon.

    I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to have this empty space by my side. I don’t want to wait for a phone call I won’t ever get. I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to cry…… I’m so tired.
    How hard can it be to have someone who loves me? Will it be possible some day to receive a hug or two or three and be sure there will be a fourth?
    Why is it nothing but just a dream for me to love someone, and to be loved?
    Come on! What’s wrong with me? I’d love to know where I am failing.

    I meet a guy, I believe in him, I think it might be him, he is not…,and all over again and again. I meet another guy…………he’s not.

    Well, if being loving and nice doesn’t work, one night standing will.
    Actually, it is more or less what most men want from me, so it won’t hurt if I behave the same way- heartless- just pure sex and that’s it, and then bye bye, so long aurevoir, arrivederci, adeu, sahionara, auf wiedersehen. Right?

    Oh yes! You are so pretty. Can I see you?
    Oh, sweety,how come you don’t have a boyfriend? You are gorgeous!
    You are so funny, I love spending time with you.
    Let me ease your heart. Trust me, please.

    Blah blah blah, same old story, same results, same loneliness.
    Just -Iwanttogetlaidwithyou- hidden men bullshit.

    One night standing will probably work for me from now on. No harm done. No tears. No nothing.
    I can manage that. I can be one step ahead, and say adieu before they do it.
    I can also learn some nice and attracting lines to fool them.
    Oh yes, I bet I can.


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    HaPpY HoLiDaYs :)

    Dear friends, I tried to make a nice card for you, so I spend a couple of hours copying and pasting images. Now that I see it finished, I have to admit that I’m not an artist LOL!!! Anyway, here it goes with all my love.
    Hugs and kisses,

    I’ll be with my family in my home town for some days. I’ll write a post as soon as I get here.


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    Life begins at 40 and at 5


    Well, I finally got there. I’m 40!! I was really scared of crossing the line, but what the heck! I woke up today being the same personI was yesterday..looking good (pardon my arrogance), feeling good and acting as a grown up child.
    I had the best present ever!! My kids were by my side, I got many phone calls and cards and the best of all, my mom was here….what else can I ask for?

    Thanks God for being always there. I love this picture!!

    Manu had his birthday, too!!! It was on November 12th but we celebrated it last Saturday.

    And that’s all folks!
    I wish you the best xoxoxox


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    No Voy a Mentirte


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