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It’s been raining a lot lately and I haven’t done much with my life…. just going to work and coming back home day after day. Today I got off work at ten in the morning like every Friday, and since it was raining cats and dogs I stayed inside my house all day long.

I saw the night was coming so I told Sebastian to go with me to the grocery store before it was too late. I’m afraid of walking alone at night in this town, because the streets are dark and I hate the croaking of the frogs coming from the ditches along the path.

We bought some things and retuned home trying to avoid the 100000 potholes that decorate our streets. It’s not that the mayor of the city doesn’t care about repairing the streets; the truth is that he wants our town to resemble the moon, full of craters, to make us feel we are in heaven. Clever guy, ah?

Back home, I was about to open the front door when I saw this little monster working very hard to rebuild her net.

Today, yesterday, and the day before, this tiny and stubborn spider has been trying to set her web in my door. The problem is that the only thing “she” catches is ME when I try to go out.

I can’t believe how obstinate she is!!! Well, possibly, it’s not the same spider; nevertheless, for sure it’s a relative LOL.

I’m going to wait a couple of hours to see if the web is ready and then I’ll take another picture….that if I don’t forget about it and the web ends all over my face AGAIN!!!

Have I told you how much I hate spiders? Well, I hate them A LOT. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small; they are all horrendous monsters that scare the hell out of me. You could perfectly say I’m arachnophobic, for when I see one either I get paralyzed or I overkill the enemy with whatever I have at hand. So, why on earth am I taking pictures of this one? Aha! That’s because I’m trying to face my phobia, that’s the new trend, isn’t it? I read it here and here

I also saw it on TV, but mostly I’m doing it because I’m bored and I have nothing else to do he he he.

Well, time to go. I want you to know I’m doing fine. I’ve missed you more than you can possibly imagine. I appreciate that you have stayed around all the time I was gone.

It is true when I say you are more than gifts to my soul.

Love you

UPDATE ( 3hours later)

Oops! I think I shouldn’t have touched it…. LOL



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