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fRiDaY / SaTuRdAy uPdAtE

I’m a lady, so I spent some moments just thinking how to say this nicely. Well, I finally came to this conclusion….there’s no polite way, so here it goes:

Get the F*ck out of my blog!!!
No, this is not for you my friends, you are always more than welcome to come, comment and express yourselves; this is your house, too.
Let me put it this way, everybody who comes here regularly knows what I’ve been through. You know about my suffering, my tears and my desperate urgency of going on with my life.
Now, what if I told you that THAT person or his “allofasuddenwifeandmotherofhisnewbornchild” is coming secretly to my blog to check what I’m doing with my existence?
Well, he/she is doing that. How do I know it? I have many friends in Puerto Rico, and when I say “many” I mean it. That’s how I finally found out the truth he refused to tell me…. I still don’t know why he decided to act so maliciously….anyway….
The fact is that when I felt I was ready to face the truth, it took me two seconds to get the answer. Like it or not, he is surrounded by many people I know well and who love me…they didn’t want to see me crying so they went out to check what was going on, hence, I knew it immediately. Same thing now, checking ip is easy if you have friends who can prove where the connection comes from. I got you, now leave me alone!!
Both of you: Check this list, if you please:
My life
What I do
What I don’t do
What I want
If I cry
If I have someone in my life or I don’t
If I’m coming or going
If I’m happy or sad
If I hate you
All of these and more…

************IT’S NOT YOUR BUISNESS****************
***Don’t you dare to come here again. Show some respect to yourself***

That being said, I’ll go on with my post, which is by far more important than wasting my time with him or her…or both? Who knows….

These days I’ve been outside a lot. The only idea of the coming Fall makes me want to seize each moment I have to enjoy the sun. I don’t like cold days!!
I took some low quality pictures, but I’d love to share them with you. Take a look. (I don’t know how to change the date in my camera!! the real date was Thursday 15, 2007)

Can you see the hummingbird? They come everyday to my hibiscus. I love them, so tiny, so fast.
After having a sip, the little bird had a one-second rest on the electricity wires.

But they aren’t the only ones that come to my flowers…..

If you look carefully you’ll see a bumble bee inside the flower. Yes, you may be saying “big deal, a bumblebee” There are millions of pictures of them….well, but not a picture of the one that got angry with me and followed all the way home!!!

Manuel is afraid of bees, so he stayed inside just in case…

This is HiFi, my cat. While I was trying to capture the hummingbird, he was fighting with a ghost LOL. I could never get to see what he was afraid of.

Later that afternoon Manuel told me there was a gift for me over the table, so this is what I found….

So sweet!!! Oh oh my hibiscus!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth, would you invite him to your garden? LOL

In the afternoon, it started to rain and if there is something that we, Uruguayans do when it rains it is eating “Tortas Fritas”

The last picture goes for AUDS
(a wink with love)

It’s Friday!!! And tonight I’m going dancing with some friends. I hope to have fun and……

AbSoLuTeLy SoAkInG WeT (SaTuRdAy UpDaTe)

I went dancing last night and I had a really good time with some friends. I came home around 8 am, so you can imagine how sleepy I am now. It doesn’t matter at all…I should do it more often.
It’s been raining the whole afternoon and I had planned many outdoors activities for today. Bad luck, now I’m staying indoors…let’s see what I can do behind these walls. Oh!! I know!! I’ll take a nap…..39 + 8am= WORN OUT WOMAN…but with a smile on my face, ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss. Nobody can take it away!!
Talking ‘bout rainy days……

Most of you met me under a heavy rain, remember? Sad days that now are fading for good… In thosee days my soul was wet for all the tears I shed and I felt everything was going down…..something like this:

And then even worse…

But now the rain is getting lighter…. and warmer and I feel like….

Though, to be honest, I’d like this better yessssssssssssssssss



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