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GeTTiNg oLd :(

Oh noooooooooo!!! I’m getting old at the speed of light!!
What’s going on? Maybe I need to take some vitamins, for I’m still too weak after the flu. I feel healthier though, but if I walk or try to do something at home I get tired and I have to sit down. I used to get better faster in the past, sniff.
Tomorrow morning I have to work, so I think I will get up early, take a long shower and put some (a lot of) make up on this pale face I have now. Actually, now that I think about it, I haven’t worn any make up in weeks… I’m getting old AND lazy!!!!
Well, changing the topic….. Yesterday we had a beautiful morning here and I decided to spend some time in my front yard to enjoy the sun and the warm air. I was having some “mates” and thinking about Ruth, so I sent a txt telling her, among other things, how nice the weather was. I think that no longer than 15 minutes after the sky went grey and we had a huge electric storm that lasted until midnight or more.
I turned off the TV and the modem because of the lightening and I spent part of the afternoon sitting by the window and looking at the spectacle. I love storms when I don’t have to go outside.
I was getting bored when I remembered that there were other things to do with the PC beyond surfing the net, LOL, so I opened my jigsaw program and put my patience, my eyes and my brain into motion. Take a look:

I played for HOURS and when I went to bed I continued seeing the pieces everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, on the roof ahhhhhhhhhhhh. That had happened to me before, when I used to play TETRIS in my son’s “family game” (and I won’t mention the music of Mario!!!)
We have another grey day today so I guess I’ll have another jigsaw puzzle session and later I’ll visit All the blogs.
I love you ppl xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxooxoxoxoox



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