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PaCkInG… fOr BeTtEr Or WoRsT

It’s been a rainy weekend so I decided to do something I have procrastinated for some days. Not an easy task I confess, but necessary if I am to start walking to my new beginning.
I don’t have many touchable things to pack from him, but I have my pc full of images, msn logs, writings or emails from or for him that appear in front of my eyes whenever I’m searching for something else. Too aching.
So, what’s first? The pictures. I’ll store them in a cd and erase them from here….then? I guess I can put the rest of the things in the same cd…..it’s important to keep things together, isn’t it?
Now, the touchable objects….. 7 things I won’t ever wear….in a box.
His only love letter? Let me see….not in my purse…where then? Ok, I’ll get an envelope and I’ll put it in the same little box with the other 7 elements.
The chain with the cross….. No, I can’t get rid of it, that would cause more pain than relief….I’ll keep it till the day I….well, I’ll keep it and that’s it.
Next….Oh yes, let me erase his phone number from my cell phone and his email address from my messenger…..done.
I wish I could pack my memories as well….my feelings…my dead dreams….my love, but they are already stored in my heart and there’s no way to let them go, though I wish I could…. I wish I could…. I wish I could.

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