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SuNdAy’S DiScOvErIeS

After all the raining we had on Saturday, it was really good to wake up on Sunday and see the sun shining again. I went to the lake, as usual, and I took my beach chairs with me. I sat under some huge eucalyptus and had a few Mates there…very relaxing!!

Then I started to look around and I noticed that many wild flowers had bloomed and that some plants had grown a lot lately, so I went back home, grabbed the camera and took some pictures.

It was getting late and I hadn’t cooked anything for lunch, so I said bah bye to the lake and hello to the kitchen. I prepared some “empanadas” (for homework, please go to wikipedia and get some information about that food) Oh, I’M SORRY!!! You are not my students LOL
The thing is that I needed some parsley to add flavor to my meat, so I went to my backyard to get some. SURPRISE!! I have NO idea how this plant got there, but under the parsley I found this!! I took the picture because I may not know how it got there, but I do know where it will end mmmmm.

A Pumpkin?? Yeahhhhhh

Well, I have to go….dinner is ready. Would you like an EMPANADA?

Note: have a glass of water VERY close to you LOL

Love you all guys!



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