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ShoRt sToRiEs

I’ve always loved to read all kind of short stories. Better if they were written by a good friend of mine, who I happen to love a lot!
Let me talk a little bit about Jorge. He is the editor of the El Veraz, a weekly online newspage. I met him some years ago in the same chat room I met most of the “boricuas” who are my friends today. He’s not a Puerto Rican, but a Cuban living in the charming island of Puerto Rico. I particularly love my friendship with him because far from our characters in the chat, we have built a bond which is unknown to many people. We are good friends, and believe me, most of the chatters would show their open-moused surprise if they knew about it. Why? Well, it’s hard to explain if you are not part of that chat room…. Let’s say that his character there awakens all kind of feelings if you don’t know him beyond his nickname and what he writes in the room. I dared to meet him and now I’m proud of being his friend.
Here are two of his stories. I was considering the idea of translating them, but honestly I think I would take their nature away by doing so. I hope at least some of you can read them because they are great pieces of art.
Click on the images to read these two stories, my favorite ones.

  • Dia De Reyes
  • Divorcio a la Cubana
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