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GoInG To ThE CaLLs

Today I’m leaving to Durazno at midnight. It’s gonna be a hard day for me since I have to clean the house, cook, take a 30-minute ride to buy the tickets, tell my neighbor (not the ugly one) to take care of my pets, go to work, come home and work with a private student for another hour, prepare my backpack, take a shower and take the bus to the bus station and then take the bus to Durazno. Ahhhh I’m already tired!!!
Well, I’ll have time to rest once I get there around 2:30 am…..REST?
My friend Damian is getting to Durazno around the same hour, because right now he’s working in the middle of the country side. He’s been there alone for a whole month, which brings me to the same question….REST?
Actually, I know we will spend part of the night trying to catch up (cold beer included) with all that has happened to us.
Dami and I have been friends for a long time and even though he’s much younger than me, we get along really well. I wonder what he would say when I tell him I’m single now. I know he has feelings for me…would he make a move? I hope not, because I’m not ready for a relationship with anybody right now. Now, about another kind of catching up….Oh My!! I’ve been soooooooo lonely these two years LOL, just kidding.
Tomorrow we have “The Calls” which is an important Carnival Parade where you can see groups from all over the country.
I think I’m gonna have a nice time there, I need it so badly.
In the pictures you can see me and Damian one day we went to the “Rambla” to drink MATE and take a walk.
Well my dear family, I’m coming back next Monday. I hope to have many things to tell you.
I love you all.



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