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NiCe SuNdAy EvErYwHeRe

I went around some blogs some minutes ago and I could see this weekend was in general really good. Some friends were painting the town orange; another friend got some winks…nice!! And me? Well, my weekend, in particular today, was beautiful.
It was a warm autumn day. Yes, I know fall hasn’t started yet, but the color of the sun, the air, everything says it is coming very fast.
Damian and I went to the lake early in the afternoon. We took the boat, the camera and some food and drinks to have a sort of improvised picnic. We also took some bread for the geese, but there were many people feeding them so we saved it for tomorrow.
Seba and Manu didn’t want to come with us, so we spent some time alone rowing and chatting a lot. Actually, he rowed….I just sat in the boat and enjoyed the ride.
I think we spent more than two hours in the water and another two on the shore, just sunbathing and having “mate”.
We came home after dusk. If I hadn’t had to cook, I would have stayed longer.
Now it’s almost midnight and we finished dinner some minutes ago. It doesn’t matter because I wish this Sunday lasted a little more.
I’m coloring my hair borgonia!!! I tell you later how it went. Hugs and Kisses for everyone.


Good things of being free to live again.



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