No Voy a Mentirte



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6 responses to “No Voy a Mentirte

  1. RUTH

    I’m sure this is beautiful whatever it means :o) I couldn’t get into your blog/comment box last month and left a message via wordpress. Hope you rec’d it.
    Love & Hugs

  2. Audrey

    Although I cant translate this Analia Im sure its very powerful and beautiful..Hope your well and that life is good.xxxxx Auds

  3. Icarus

    Hello, young lady! I am much older now and don’t get out & about as much as I used to, or want to.
    But here I am and – unlike Ruth & Audrey – I do understand your poem.
    I am trying to imagine who did what to you that hurt so bad that you could express the feeling that you put at the end. It shocks me. That you express a desire so strongly for revenge, for that person to suffer, it shocks. It is not what I would expect of you, who always has looked for the positive and the best way to assert yourself and to fight back.
    I cannot feel for you. I will not preach to you about how you should react to this, or any other person who does you wrong.
    I will just say this, which is based on my eternal belief that a wish for revenge is as bad, and as perpetuating of bad, as whatever causes such a wish.
    To forgive/perdonar is THE revenge. To do so is what elevates us. It is also a psychological/emotional encouragement to ourselves to feel good about ourselves, rather than to carry the damage and to make it worse. You do not want or need a vicous circle of give bad-get bad-give worse-get worse. I do not believe you do.
    You have good in you. You have better in you. A vengeful heart is always going to be an unhappy heart. That is not what you want or need, my friendita.
    So, I urge you, think again.

  4. Analía

    Oh my friend Icarus, dont worry!! I just used my “licencia poetica” but I won’t take revenge on anybody. I’m a lady and I know that I worth way too much to be involved in such a horrible thing as revenge. However, it felt good while I was writing it!!! I’m in the process to forgive…but it will take time. So amigo, tu me conoces bien y es verdad, yo saco afuera lo mejor de mi en los peores momentos. Sigo siendo positiva y podre caer, pero aun con las rodillas rotas, sigo adelante. Te quiero mucho 🙂

    Mar, niña no te preocupes que es tan solo una poesia con mala rima jeje. Besitos y gracias por llegar hasta aqui.

  5. Icarus

    Gracias a la presencia aqui de Mar, tengo ganas de responder en….Portugûes, lol.
    Ora, já fico mais descansado e aliviado, depois de ter a tua explicação. É muito importante que tu estejas ciente da potência negativa do desejo de vingarse. Bom, já esquecido. Estás convidada à vir cantar!

  6. Analía

    Beijinhos my dear Icarus 🙂 Thanks God I still understand some Portugês he he, and If I don’t…well I can always invent my own meanings LOL. Wait for me, I’ll be there singing along xoxoxox

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