A PhOnE CaLL, A SoNg AnD Me

It’s been raining a lot lately. However, the sun finally showed up today and I’m struggling to switch my moody state to a more bearable one.
It gets really difficult to sit in front of this keyboard and try to put my ideas in order…..it’s been a long time since I was here the last time!!

My mom called me the other day and that was such a gift for me. Well, you may be wondering why it was so important. Her gift was a simple word….she said “Hello”.
It was her first phone call after the surgery!!! I must confess I dropped some tears of joy because I’m so proud of my mother.
We chatted for a while and I could understand almost all she said. Her tongue is still kind of numb and she has to learn how to pronounce certain letters such as L, N or R but she can speak very well considering all she had to go through.

Now, about me….. I’ve been working LONG LONG hours recently and honestly being in front of my pc was one of the privileges I had to give up for a while…..I repeat “for a while”. Soon everything will go back to normal and you will get to see more of me here again.
What can I tell you? Oh yes!! I gained soooooooooo much weight! Since I was out most of the day, my meals were nothing but sandwiches, hot dogs, and all sort of fattening things. Now I’m paying the consequences, sniff. My pants don’t fit anymore and I have to unbutton them if I want to sit comfortably. I comfort myself by thinking that I still have 2 months before summer. I have two options: either I lose this entire extra load or I’ll be using one of my”secret strategies” at the beach this year again (I hope with better results, though)

Now I will tell you about Felix….. He’s a good friend of mine. He’s a “Boricua” living in Switzerland who I met some years ago in a chat room of Puerto Rico. Some days ago he gave me this gift I really want to share with you all. He says he got inspired after one of our conversations and I only have words of gratitude after reading such beautiful words. Thanks FELIX!!!

I’ve been told that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Why am I here? This darkness… this silence…

time has finally stood still.

And my mind seeks you.

I wish to continue my journey,

but when I look back,

I see the light that I left behind.

I remember what has been,

your touch, your smell in my hands…

>>>I smell with my lips

I see with my hands

I touch with my mind

and I kiss with my breath<<<<

I seek things… I seek things that are to be found,

and at the same time will always remain a mystery.

Do you seek what I seek?

The mysteries of your eyes

I will seek but never understand.

>>>I smell with my lips

I see with my hands

I touch with my mind

and I kiss with my breath<<<<

How do you love a lifetime?

is this the time to continue my journey?

Can one love for such a long time?

Being in a place where time stands still comforts me.

I wish to stay here so that I can continue to love you.

“Time heals all wounds”, they say…

I do not wish to be healed,

I wish to continue my suffering.

>>>I smell with my lips

I see with my hands

I touch with my mind

and I kiss with my breath<<<<

Will I ever smell you with my lips?

I do not know…

Will I ever see you with my hands?

I do not know…

In the distance, I will kiss you with my breath,

feel your skin and touch your soul

and even while being in this darkness,

I will see the light in your eyes!


Isn’t he sweet?
See you soon my friends. I love you with all my heart.



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5 responses to “A PhOnE CaLL, A SoNg AnD Me

  1. Icarus

    Muuuuuuuuuy buenas tardes Amiginha!

    All in all, I find all this content very positive, even the few extra quilos. Just to get that phone call is a blessing, isn’t it? So, pesando lo bueno y lo malo, it seems you are placed well into the credit side. Accentuate it, be lucky and stay with it!

    El pajaro con las alas quemadasXXXXX

  2. Mousie/Paisible

    so happy with this hello…so things are better aren’t they…keep faith darling, things will improve little by little…i don’t forget you…all my love to all the family

  3. Scarlet

    Que “blog” mas bello. I popped in from So Shiok’s blog to say hello and I will return to hear more about you and tu amigo, el Boricua.

    Por lo menos tiene un poco de sol hoy. I hope you have many more sunny moments ahead of you. 🙂

  4. Audrey

    That must have been such a precious moment for both you and your Mum Analia, and so warming to read Im so pleased her recovery is going well..:)

    I too have put on the pounds laying down the stores for the winter…well thats what I comfort myself with, that and sticky toffee pudding and other delicious delights…lol

    The poem from your friend Felix is very moving…a lovely gift as you say and thank you for sharing it xx Auds

  5. ElPoeta

    Hey Ani, nice to hear from you… I’m so glad for your mom… and it’s OK for me if you don’t have time to post; just take it easy. I liked those sweet words from your Puertorican friend; he’s nice. Don’t care too much about your weight… I’ll always like you as long as your heart keeps sweet and nice as usual. Besos,

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