GoOd NeWs

Dear friends, here I am with some good news!!

Last Monday my mother finally underwent surgery after so many days of struggling with her own fears, and our unrelenting efforts to make her change her mind.
She keeps on saying she did it for us and we keep on thinking Thanks God.
The doctor says she has to be positive and that we have to be strong to help her now when she needs us the most. Her recovery will take a long time, but now, after the surgery, time is something we can count on and we will be there by her side.
She lost half of her tongue; that means she won’t be able to pronounce some sounds for a while, maybe forever, but she will still be able to speak pretty well after speech therapy.

I have thought a lot about all your good wishes, about the prayer chains that some people I love set in motion, but above all I’ve been thinking of my dad, who secretly built a shrine in his tool shed and went every day to say a prayer for the love of her life. I can’t help feeling guilty because we were so into my mother’s problem that we forgot all about dad’s suffering. He must have felt so lonely and scared….
After the surgery, when mom was awake back in the room, she asked dad:” Do I look too horrible? And dad said “you look as beautiful as you did when I saw you for the first time”….and she does.

Well, that’s all about my mother for now, but I still have some other things I’d love to share with you.
I’m substituting for another teacher in a private institute so nowadays and for a whole month I’m working more than 12 hours per day! Imagine how I look when I get home at night….completely wrecked. However, this is a great experience for me and at the same time I’m opening a new door and increasing my salary (at least for this month) which is sooooooo good!!

Oh! I almost forget! I went to Buenos Aires last week to visit my friend. Remember? It was my first time there and my first time on a ship. I loved every single second of the trip. I got to Bs As on Saturday afternoon and he was waiting for me with a broad smile. He took me for a long ride around the city and then we had dinner in a beautiful restaurant. We talked for hours and hours……and hours! We had such a great time together. On Sunday we did pretty much the same, but in the afternoon we had to say goodbye and that hurt a lot. We will survive, though. This is a very thorny relationship, full of welcomings and farewells, but it worth living it while it lasts.



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8 responses to “GoOd NeWs

  1. RUTH

    Such good news Ananlia and thank you for letting us know how the operation went. Much love and positive thoughts to your Mother. I thinks it’s natural in time likes these for our emotions and thoughts to be concentrated solely on the person who is ill and I’m sure your Father understood this. Your Father’s words to your Mother were so touching and filled with love and I know how much your Mother will depend on the love of her family to get her through the difficult times ahead.
    Good to hear about your work despite the long hours; it must be very tiring but must ease the financial worries. I’m glad you managed to get to Bs As; sounds like all is going well with your friend despite the problems of distance. I hope you get a chance to meet up soon again. I hope the boys are OK; difficult times for them too.
    Much Love and {HUGS}

  2. Audrey

    Thanks for sharing the news about your mothers operation Ani,Im sending all my prayers and love that she makes a good recovery..Your fathers words are so full of love and the shrine so special, Im sure he will have needed a little space of his own where he could alone with his thoughts and prayers.
    Wonderful news about your teaching, it must be tiring but perhaps something positive that you need just now too
    Im glad you still have your friend around to give you some support too
    Kisses to the boys and a big hug to you all in such a difficult and traumatic time

    XXXX Auds

  3. Fabrizio

    Ciao Ani!
    I’m very happy for the news about your mother and sorry if I did not commented for many weeks.

    I’m happy to read your blog again

    See ya


  4. Mousie/Paisible

    that’s so so great love !! i’m doing the happy dancing for you, mum and dad…she’ll recover now, everybody just have to be very patient…your dad is very great you know, such love is so beautiful…and so nice for you all these news, work, a little holidays…that sure will do you good…take care sweetheart
    mich love to all from Peaceful

  5. Amor

    es agradable ver que te mantienes contenta y alegre aunque en ocasiones la vida te pueda llevar a otra cosa

    un abrazo fuerte, me alegra ver que la cosas van mejor



  6. ElPoeta

    Really glad for all the good news, my friend. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Kisses,

  7. Amor

    analía, me alegro de corazón de mi involuntaria labor mediadora, a vero la adoro y sin querer os he rejuntado, te ruego me aceptes también en tu amistad

    un beso muy grande



  8. Audrey

    Thinking about you Analia and hoping all is well xxx Auds

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