These days have been so hard for all the family. The doctor told my mother that it’s useless to go under radiotherapy again because if the tumor had come back after only 8 months, it’s likely it will appear later for a second time. The other alternative was surgery. Drastic? Yes, but probably more effective.
My sister was with my mother when the oncologist explained the procedure and my mother seemed to understand. Well, she didn’t.
Some days after the appointment she went to see her other doctor, who explained again how the surgery was going to be, and it was only then that my mother realized what she was going to go through. The doctor was very tactful but he couldn’t convince my mother and now she refuses the treatment.
We are all trying to convince her, but no matter what we say, her answer is always the same….I would die right now if I could.
I guess she’s in denial. I hope she changes her mind and starts fighting against this f*cking thing.
She is visiting the doctor again tomorrow, let’s see what happens.
I love my mom so much…………..

I will be visiting you all as soon as I have some free time.
Thank you very much for your patience and your lovely comments.
You light up my life



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6 responses to “DiFFiCuLt TiMeS

  1. RUTH

    I do understand what you are all going through. Wish I could find the right words to help. Your poor Mum must be in turmoil and perhaps denial is her own way of fighting. Whatever she does decide, even if it goes against your wishes, you must support her as best as you can. Sending you and your family love and {hugs}

  2. Analía

    My sweet an loyal friend Ruth! You are gold in my life :)You don’t need to find the right words to help me my friend…I feel better just by reading your name in the comments. I love you.

    Where are my other friends? I guess I’m paying the price for not being around as I used to 😦
    I accept that and I keep on being loving you anyway.

  3. Audrey


    This is such a difficult time for all of you, both worrying and frightening I can imagine

    Im thinking of you all especially your dear mom and will keep you all in my prayers.xxxx Auds

  4. Audrey

    Thinking of you Ani,and asking the angels to send you the strength and comfort you all need at this time xx Auds

  5. Mousie/Paisible

    my darling, how are things going on now ?I do agree with Ruth, your mum has the right to chose, i know my sweetheart, it must be so difficult for you…wish we would live near you to take you in arms…i send you , your mum and family all my love…give them all a kiss…and one for you and Manu…love from peaceful
    write whenever you want:

  6. Analía

    Auds the angels came 🙂 thank you so much for your words and prayers. Hugs and love

    Mousie, your love and your hugs also managed to get here. I wish you were here too 🙂 All of you, yet I know you are.
    Kissessssssss thousands of them

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