HeRe AgAiN

Returning after such a long time seems to be harder than I thought it would be. A lot of water has passed under the bridge. I’ve drifting through busy days, complicated relationships and mom’s illness…and somehow the flow brought me back here one more time. I guess that I needed some pampering.

Mom is not doing well and she has to face a whole week of radiotherapy again. She is so afraid, all of us are actually, but we try not to show it for her own good.

I won’t be allowed to visit her during her treatment because for safety reasons only people older than 45 can enter the room. My sister will be with her…I wish I could too.

Dad has been aging very fast. He wants to be strong for mum, but they’ve been together for more than 50 years and seeing my mother sick is overwhelming him too much.

On a much lighter note, remember the story of my boyfriend from my youth? He has come many times from Argentina and soon I will visit him too. I don’t know… it will take time until we decide what to do with our lives, meanwhile I think it’s a good idea to seize the day and let time do the work. As you can see, my heart has chosen the third flame and I can do nothing but follow his commands beyond the outcomes it may bring.

Dear friends I haven’t deserted you. You are always on my mind and in my heart and you will always be there. I love you so so so much.

When I was a very little child my mother taught me to pray to my guardian angel. I wonder if he or she is still around. Just in case I’ll say the prayer now for my mom, for you all and for myself.



Ángel de la guarda,

dulce compañía

no me desampares

ni de noche ni de día.

Las horas que pasan,

las horas del día

si tu estas conmigo

serán de alegría.

No sueltes mi mano,

sé en todo mi guía,

sin ti soy chiquito

y me perdería.

Ángel de la guarda,

dulce compañía

no me desampares

ni de noche ni de día.



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16 responses to “HeRe AgAiN

  1. RUTH

    So good to hear from you again. I am so sorry to hear how ill your Mum is….those words seem so petty but I mean them from the heart!!!! I feel so much for your Father too….I understand what he must be going through.
    And for yourself…yes seize the day so much better than living your life on “what ifs?”
    Take care my sweet friend
    {{HUGS}} to you and the boys

  2. mystic rose

    It made me very happy to see your comment, after such a long time.

    I am glad you yourself seem to to be doing well, even though there are troubles. Life is like that. I hope your mother bears up well and everything goes well for her and she will get better soon.
    Pray you find the love that you seek.
    Take care! Have fun in Argentina.

  3. Icarus

    Dearest Ani, there you are!! Wow, I still can’t believe it, the way that I was thinking about you just this morning!

    I like the prayer a lot, I think I need it personally too. Don’t take too long making up your mind, as time has a habit of flying. There are so many people around me again going through it bad in different ways, some serious health problems.
    You be positive, but realistic. I know it must be terribly hard, not being allowed ner your mum. But take care of your Dad, and yourself too. Tomorrow is 17 years since my Mum passed away and it still doesn’t seem possible, what brought it about.
    As for that “todo lo que no nos mata, nos fortalece” stuff, I don’t agree. I have seen too much. You have to remain strong and clear and ready as much as possible for all that life can throw at you. In the end, you can only do your best to give your best and be your best.

    And don’t lose yourself.

    Best thoughts, love & solidarity


  4. Audrey

    Ani, (((hugs))) so good to see you post again, but sorry to hear about your mum, this must be such a difficult time for all of you, especially given you are not allowed to be with your mum as I know you would dearly wish to be. I join you in your prayers and hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.

    Be gentle with yourself and make the most of all the love and support around you need and deserve it xxx Auds

  5. Analía

    my three musketeers!! god bless you! He has already blessed me with your frienship 🙂

    Mystic sweety thank you for your comment. xoxo I loved visiting you 🙂

  6. Nikon

    Hi Ani, thanks so much for the visit, I needed a friend – & you knew 🙂
    I hope that everything goes well for you – you deserve happiness & I hope that it comes your way very, very soon.

  7. MiNe

    Analia, amiga, dejame decirte que me da gusto saber de ti, y te repito de nuevo, Te vez muy bien en esa Foto…
    Espero que te encuentres bien, te dejo un abrazo y un beso..
    Leyla G

  8. ugyen

    HI Analia, So good to see you again, Really sorry to hear bout your Mom health, anyway All my Wishes with her and hope she will recover soon. Thanks again for you lovely comments

  9. Mousie/Paisible

    oh my sweethearts…come along you too near grandma Mousie, you may tell her everything you wish when you feel sad, do you good, it’s so important to talk…I’m very close to you…bring some nice tea and coffee, and secret fruit juice for my little boy…send my love to all the family…
    PS: such nice “visitors from far away”
    plenty kisses

  10. GMG

    Just dropped here by chance, but I’m glad to see that you’re (back) posting some interesting posts. Hope things run smoothly. Take care!

  11. Analía

    Nikon, I’m so glad you liked my coming back, I loved you comment, thanks!

    Leyla amiga gracias!Ya mismo vuelvo a tu blog a ver como te llamas ahora LOL. Besitos, cuidate!

    Ugeyn sweety thank YOU. I always enjoy visiting your blogs and your comments. I learn a LOT with this guy, plese visit him!! (he’s also sooooooo cute he he)

  12. Analía

    Mousie my beautiful grandma 🙂 I find the child in me when I visit you. It feels so good! Thanks for your words my dear.

    gmg, I’m happy to see you here too! Take care and please come back. You are always welcome in my house 🙂

  13. Moure Clouzet

    Te felicito porque tu blog esta totalmente de +

  14. Carlos

    Hi Ani,

    I’m glad you returned. I’m really sorry to hear about your Mom. My prays are with you both. It’s also good to see some friends around…
    Besos para ti

  15. ElPoeta

    Welcome back, my dear friend… Sorry about your mother, I hope things go well for her. About the rest, you’re right: Carpe diem. Un beso,

  16. ugyen

    Hi Analia,
    How is your Mom doing? I hope she is much better, Thanks for your lovely compliment(am Blushing)hehe, have a great day… good nite
    hugs and kisses

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