Who am I? Why I need so many answers? Why I lie down restless with my eyes wide open? Why my heart has become so untameable?

 Please, tell me why my angel and my devil fight so much….



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  1. Sue

    I wish I had an answer for you… still trying to find it for myself

  2. Hoooooooooolá!!!!
    This is a little like having a front-row armchair by the ocean as the sunb comes out to play! I was feeling so excluded, although I know it wasn’t your fault. And those damned ranas, like some poor Hollywood C-movie! At last, they are gone.
    Now, as I keep saying these past few days, I have something I wrote as a rite of passage in 1991, one year after my mother died. When I read your post that Ruth sent on to me a few days ago, it came into my mind. It cannot answer your questions, but it is a perspective on questions and paths and crossroads. I first have to find it, because all those kind of things are still in boxes after the move 3 weeks ago. The question now is, how to divulge? I actually think that I’d like to post it on mine, but anybody can post it too, if they want. When I find it, I need to make a file and then I’ll mail it to you. We’ll talk…..
    Great to be back in touch,
    Smooochies XXXXXXXXXXXX

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